Live a life of long-term wellness.

Achieve your optimal health, inside and out, and establish lasting lifestyle changes.  

Medically Supervised Coaching

Your coach helps you through every phase and works with your primary care physician.

Highest Quality Nutrition

We provide meals and nutritional supplements making it easy for you to succeed!

Education That Lasts

Achieve your ideal life and receive the best health education from certified Ideal Protein Coaches.

Don't trust your health to amateur coaching.

All of our coaches are trained and certified by Ideal Protein to offer you excellent weekly guidance, education, and care. Each have transformed their own lives through the Ideal Protein diet and Lifestyle Living protocol, and are dedicated to helping you create the same success for yourself!

Who is Ideal Protein Weight Loss for?

Ideal Protein is for anybody ready to lose weight and change their life. Our clients range from ages 15 to 80+, they are male and female, desiring to lose 10 pounds to over 200 pounds.

Ideal Protein is:




So we know it works for everyone, every time!

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Combined Coaching

Ideal Protein has been an amazing journey! I’ve lost 70 pounds and 40+ inches. My doctors are pleased and my family loves my extra energy. 

- Shellie Kaiser -

Why Ideal Protein Weight Loss Works

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is based on creating nutritional ketosis in the body, in which the body stops using its glycogen (sugar stores) and uses fat for energy. 

This is done by reducing the carbohydrate intake to very specific amount while providing the body with an adequate amount of protein needed to maintain lean muscle mass.

How It Works

The Ideal Protein protocol has a beginning and an end. Carbohydrates are not the enemy, certain combinations of food are the culprits, and we will coach you on how to identify them. When you are finished with this program you will be able to confidently enjoy all foods again!

What To Expect

Quick weight loss

without sacrificing muscle mass

An understanding

of how food affects and is utilized by the body, including what causes fat storage

Utilization of fat

for energy, usually by day 4

Improved energy

and appetite control, and reduced cravings, usually by day 4 or 5

Improved blood sugar

and cholesterol levels, and reduced blood pressure

Weekly one-on-one coaching visits

with a certified coach to help educate and guide you in your weight loss and weight maintenance

Coaching and clinic support

throughout the entire journey

Additional Services

In addition to The Ideal Protein protocol, we also offer LipoMelt Body Sculpting and FIT3D.

LipoMelt Body Sculpting

LipoMelt treatment is 100% non-invasive, does not cause any bruising or scarring, and is a safe alternative to liposuction.

Clients usually see a reduction of inches after their very first session, but best results are achieved with multiple sessions over several weeks.

FIT 3D Body Scan

Provides a compelling full body assessment that helps you target and reach your body shape goals.

Fit3D is the most innovative and compelling solution to track your weight loss journey and customize your program.

We can't wait to meet you!

All of our coaches are trained and certified by Ideal Protein to offer you excellent weekly guidance, education, and care.

Jennifer Owen

Owner and Certified Ideal Protein Coach & LipoMelt Tech

Lyn Augello

Certified Ideal Protein Coach

About Our Office

Ideal Weight Loss of San Antonio is located in Alamo Heights on Broadway at 8018 Broadway, #101 San Antonio, TX 78209.

Ideal Weight Loss is conveniently located in the same office as Owen Chiropractic, and many of our clients have appreciated having pain management so conveniently accessible as they manage their weight loss.  


I’ve lost 38 lbs so far and have 10 more to go! I feel so good about myself.  

- Cherie Corpening -

Our Results

Real people, real results! See how Ideal Protein has changed these lives!

Here are our clients’ stories and their dramatic BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS!

“I have tried every new way of eating since my late 20s. I was in the Air Force and always struggled with my weight after I had my second child. I would even starve myself just to make weight. I retired after 22 years and started to eat like crazy, and I went from 165 to 195 lbs in 4 years. I was out of control…..until my friend told me about Ideal Weight Loss. I’ve lost 38 lbs so far and have 10 more to go! I feel so good about myself. Thank you for saving me from myself…”

Cherie Corpening

“The picture with me in the black floral dress is before I started Ideal Protein with Jennifer. The second is me in the teal dress for my daughters wedding 3 years ago. The last black and white was just 2 weeks ago. I’ve been on and off the program for 3 1/2 years and still see Jennifer weekly for up to 6-7 months out of each year. My highest total weight loss was 28 lbs and I have basically been able to maintain, with an up and down 5-7 lbs average. Having tried every diet out there, I know this has been the ONLY thing that has brought me proven results. I was even running half marathons before IP, but never got as fast and effective results as I do with this healthy eating lifestyle. I’m an accountability type of person, and the fact that I still get to have a relationship with my coach, Jennifer, is probably the single most important aspect. I’m accountable to her and myself. My body changes as the years creep up, but I most certainly feel better and healthier than ever.”

Joan P Gaytan

“I have really loved working with Jennifer Owen on Ideal Protein. Since starting I am no longer in danger of having Diabetes 2. I was able to go off blood pressure medicine totally. I feel better and am more active. I can keep up with my grandchildren. Thanks Jennifer.”

Lydia Watts

“What a fantastic Christmas present!! I finally hit 100 pounds down!! Well actually 101.2 lbs before Christmas!! I’ve also lost 61.5 inches off my body. I’m so blessed I’ve been able to do Ideal Protein again to get the weight off and get healthy for my family and myself. I’m finally able to do the stuff I’ve always wanted to do with my husband and daughter. I have the absolute best support system ever and I thank God everyday for them. This has been a crazy but blessed journey and it’s not over yet. Ideal Protein works!”

Kristina Hock

Weight loss that works, education that lasts.

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