Changing Lives.

One Pound at a Time

I have tried every new way of eating since my late 20s.  

I was in the Air Force and always struggled with my weight

after I had my second child.  I would even starve myself

just to make weight. I retired after 22 years and started

to eat like crazy, and went from 165 to 195 lbs in 5 years.

 I was out of control…until my friend told me about

Ideal Weight Loss. I’ve lost 38 lbs so far and have

10 more to go! I feel so good about myself.  

Thank you for saving me from myself…

Cherie Corpening.

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Ready to Lose Weight?

Ideal Weight Loss of San Antonio believes slimming down is more than a matter of beauty, it’s a matter of health.  Short term weight loss is a good starting point, but stable weight maintenance is what allows us to eliminate the yoyo-ing most dieters experience.  

Our mission at Ideal Weight Loss of San Antonio is to help you achieve your optimal health, inside and out, and establish long-lasting lifestyle changes.  

Our goal is to help you, your family and the community live a life of long-term wellness.

The Ideal Protein Difference

Studies show 80% of dieters are “do-it-yourselfers.” They bounce from one diet to another, and are responsible for the term “yo-yo dieting.” Solely focusing on rapid weight loss provides a temporary solution to weight and health problems. The only lasting solution to maintaining a stable weight after dieting is a weight loss program that teaches dieters smarter lifestyle choices. The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method does just that. Our program is medically developed and has 4 phases. Phases 1 & 2 focus on weight loss while simultaneously producing positive habit change. Phases 3 & 4 concentrate on weight management through education. We address the key components that support a healthier lifestyle and stable weight maintenance. Our coaches will be with you throughout the entire process with the highest quality coaching, nutrition products, and information to help you reach your goals and maintain better health.

Ideal Weight Loss of San Antonio is located in Alamo Heights on Broadway.  It shares space with Owen Chiropractic, and many of our clients have appreciated having pain management so conveniently accessible as they manage their weight loss.   For information on Owen Chiropractic and Dr. Chad Owen, please see We also offer the latest technology in non-invasive body sculpting- Ultimate Light by LipoMelt.  For more info click here.
Ideal Protein has been an amazing journey!  It has given me my life back. I’ve lost 70 pounds and 40+ inches.  My doctors are pleased and my family loves my extra energy.  Thank you Ideal Protein!!

Shellie Kaiser

I have had rheumatoid arthritis for several years and suffered much pain all over my body.  Since being on the Ideal Protein program for almost 7 months, I have not had any RA pain.  I attribute the lack of pain to the excellent food products and eating plan designed by Ideal Protein.

Thank you,

Linda Mangrum

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