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Meet your Weight loss Coaches

At Ideal Weight Loss of San Antonio we know that your journey to a healthy lifestyle may have some “bumps in the road.”   

That’s why we provide you with a dedicated Ideal Protein coach at no extra cost. All of our coaches have transformed their own lives through the Ideal Protein diet and Lifestyle Living protocol, and are trained and certified by Ideal Protein to offer you excellent weekly guidance, education, and care. They are dedicated to helping you create the same success for yourself!

Jennifer Owen

Jennifer Owen

Owner and Certified Ideal Protein Coach & LipoMelt Tech

Jennifer founded Ideal Weight Loss of San Antonio in 2012. She has always had a passion for the health, wellness and skincare industry, so it was only natural for her to share the blessing she found in Ideal Protein.

Her weightloss journey began after marrying and starting a family. Jennifer tried several diets, but nothing motivated her enough to live her ideal life. Losing her Aunt to breast cancer finally jolted her enough to acknowledge that she needed to make big life changes if she wanted to enjoy her children, and some day, her grandchildren.

In just 9 short weeks of starting the protocol, Jennifer had lost 33 pounds and felt AMAZING. She had finally found a lifestyle that taught her how to fuel her body correctly, and was finally living her ideal life she deserved. Jennifer quickly started inspiring family and friends, which blossomed into what Ideal Weight Loss is today. She has helped hundreds of people shed tens of thousands of pounds.

Her passion is helping families eat healthier, feel better and achieve their goals through example and the Ideal Protein protocol.

Favorite Janeva Recipe: Cauliflower Chicken Fried Rice

Favorite IP Product: Vanilla or Chocolate Shake because it can be my cream and sugar in my coffee!

Best thing about living at lighter weight: I have the energy to do what I want and not struggle to get through my day.  Plus I can wear what I want!

Carolyn Adelsen

Carolyn Adelsen

Certified Ideal Protein Coach & LipoMelt Tech

Carolyn is the mother of three grown children, and in 2014 was facing her son’s college graduation and wedding in the same week. Imagine the excitement and pride! After shopping for mother-of -the-groom dresses she was in tears. She realized she needed help, something effective enough to produce visible results in 6 weeks. The very next day, a friend shared her Ideal Protein success story with Carolyn.

Seven short weeks before the wedding, Carolyn was introduced to Ideal Protein, and dropped 15 pounds in 6 weeks. She returned her size 12 dress for a size 8! Carolyn continued her Ideal Protein journey for 8 more weeks, for a total weight loss of 35 pounds. She has since kept the weight off, and has developed a passion for clean eating and a healthier lifestyle.

Carolyn not only gained control of her wellness, but also dropped a job that added more stress than joy to her life. She joined our team in 2015, and loves coaching and educating our dieters. She is passionate about brainstorming individual strategies to support their success.

Favorite Janeva Recipe: BBQ Sloppy Joes

Favorite IP Product: Vanilla Crispy Squares and Broccoli Cheese soup…it’s a tie!

Best thing about living at lighter weight: Being more comfortable in my own skin, increased confidence and ease of movement. Shopping for clothes is a lot more fun now too!

Valorie Hulme

Valorie Hulme

Certified Ideal Protein coach and LipoMelt Tech

Valorie is a fighter and knows true grit. She is also a loving mother and grandmother, and spent the majority of her career as a registered nurse in the Labor and Delivery unit.

In 2013 Valorie won the battle against a life-threatening illness, but she had become extremely sedentary and had gained forty pounds. The added weight also made it difficult to run the halls of L&D because of the pain she was feeling in her knees and feet. This experience sparked a necessity and commitment to lose the weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Valorie was introduced to Jennifer and Ideal Protein in 2014. She loved the ease of the program and the science behind it. It just made sense. With the amazing support of her coach, she lost 43 pounds in 14 weeks! Unlike other diets, she has been able to keep the lost pounds off, and credits the continued coaching and support through the maintenance phase. She has never felt better!

In the Spring of 2017, Valorie joined our team, and loves getting to know her patients and celebrating victories with them. She has a passion to help others realize their goal of feeling better in a happier, healthier lifestyle.
Favorite Jeneva Recipe: Pizza Burger Casserole
Favorite IP Product : Toss between the Chocolate Drink Mix and Vanilla Crispy Squares
Best thing about living at a lighter weight: Being confident in the way I look and feel, and having more energy as a 61 year old Nana!

Lyn Augello

Lyn Augello

Certified Ideal Protein Coach

This Western New Yorker is an all around American girl! Having lived on both coasts, she is proud to now call Texas her home. She is a licensed Medical Aesthetician from the Aveda Institute here in San Antonio, and currently works for an Internist during the week.

When her weight reached a point where she knew she had to do something about it, she was fortunate to find Ideal Protein. For Lyn, it was so straightforward and just made sense. She was able to lose 55 pounds!

She has been a weight loss coach for 5 years, and joined our team in 2015. Lyn truly enjoys helping clients reach their weight loss goals!

Favorite Janeva Recipe: Classic Crack Slaw

Favorite IP Product: The new Lemon Wafers

Best thing about living at lighter weight: “With 50 pounds lost, I have never felt better!”


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