You’ve lost the weight, but now what? 


Weight loss is an amazing achievement, but the transition from losing weight to maintaining weight can leave many people feeling lost, overwhelmed, and anxious of gaining back the weight they worked so hard to lose!

Have no fear! This is where we shine at Ideal Weight Loss of San Antonio. Our mission is to help you lose the weight, and then learn to keep it off!


During Maintenance, we explore:


  • What your plate should look like from now on
  • Smart snacking
  • Food shopping for your new lifestyle
  • How to incorporate exercise
  • Dangerous nutritional combinations
  • What your “trigger number” might be and what to do if it appears on the scale
  • How to manage celebrations and food-heavy situations
  • Fixing mistakes
  • Navigating vacations
  • Handling counterproductive comments from friends and/or family
  • And many more lifestyle habits and challenges


We are here for guidance through obstacles, fears, and frustrations. AND we are here for celebration as you overcome these and master your new lifestyle—–you are not alone in this journey!