At Ideal Weight Loss of San Antonio, we aim to nourish the entire body with health and wellness! We offer the Ideal Protein protocol with personal coaching, LipoMelt non-invasive body sculpting, nutritional supplements and other products to help you achieve your weight loss and wellness goals. Ideal Protein: As a certified Ideal Protein clinic, we offer the medically developed weight loss and weight maintenance protocol guided by certified Ideal Protein coaches. Learn more here. Classes and Events: We offer a free workshop the first Monday of each month at 6:00 pm. It’s a great way to learn more about the Ideal Protein protocol and qualify for a $50 discount at your Initial Consultation! We also offer monthly Phase 4 Lifestyle Living workshops and Phase 1 support groups. Follow us on Facebook, subscribe to our emails and/or watch our website calendar for those dates and times. Link to calendar here LipoMelt Body Sculpting: LipoMelt is a painless, natural, non-invasive and safe alternative to liposuction. We use LED light therapy, technology developed by NASA, to assist our clients in reducing their trouble spots and tightening loose skin.Learn more here.  Other products: We offer selections from the Walden Farms gluten-free food line, Total Tea (a gentle detox tea), health supplements, Spry Gum, Ice Chips xylitol candy, cookbooks, Environ Skincare, and other products to support a ketogenic and low-carb lifestyle.